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Contracts, statutes.

Standard contract drafts or regulations, drawn up by a qualified lawyer, can give a sense of security to any entrepreneur. Standardized documents guarantee the protection of the economic interests, and prior legal consultations of any intended deviations help to predict the effects of the changes, reducing significantly the economic risks associated with entering into a contract. The practice shows that signing of commercial agreements without consulting their content with a qualified lawyer or self-development regulations (commonly including abusive clauses) have proved to be a frequent source of problems and complications.

Our offer includes e.g.:

  • Preparation of civil contracts in accordance with the needs of our Client;
  • Verification of civil contracts drawn up in Polish or English, based both on Polish or EU law;
  • Participation in trade negotiations;
  • Legal representation in litigation arising out of civil contracts;
  • Preparation and verification of service/contest/promotion regulations.

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